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Pattern House- Aleksa Studios

APR, 18, 2018

Design ID Consulting Limited delighted to be back in the public eye in the Evening Standard (Wed 18.April 2018) Page 22 &23 shows pictures of a stunning house that we were pleased to complete the structural works for, architects were Aleksa Studios.
For more details please see:

Photographs by Richard Stonehouse

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ICE Football Winners

APR, 04 , 2018

For the second time in 3 years, the Design ID 5-a-side Team has won the Northern Ireland ICE Football Championship. Both our teams played well, everyone had an enjoyable time, and we’re now looking forward to the National Finals in Manchester this June.

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Apointment of D&B Tender Claudy Bridge

MAR, 26, 2018

Design ID are delighted to announce, that in conjunction with Contractor FP McCann, we have won the D&B Tender for the refurbishment & partial replacement of the 5 span Ballynameen Bridge, just outside Claudy, NI. This was the bridge that hit the national headlines when it collapsed during the August 2017 flood, and as you can see from this photo, we’ve certainly got our work cut out to save this piece of Irish structural heritage!

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NCE 100- 2018

MAR ,22, 2018

Delighted to announce we have been selected again to the NCE 100 Shortlist for the second year.! #thinkdesignengineer #goals

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Latest Project in Mayfair- Oswalds

MAR, 09, 2018

Sneak peak of our latest project in Mayfair as it nears completion. Read more about Oswalds in the Financial Times:

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IStructE NI Regional Group Meeting

JAN, 09, 2018

Our Regional Director, Stephen Smalley, presented a Simple Innovations in a Quayside Concrete Development event. It was well attended and enjoyed by all attendees.

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