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Kate Kolny

Structural Engineer


Graduated in 2010 from MSc Geodesy, Surveying and Cartography majoring in Agricultural Land Surveying and Property Evaluation. During her studies, she developed strong interest in engineering structures and decided to pursue Civil & Structural Engineering career.
Then she studied the first three years of her Civil & Structural Engineering degree in Poland. During this period, she was awarded IAESTE Scholarship to work as Geodesy, Surveying and Geoinformation Trainee for Bavarian Sate Office and Geoinformation in Munich. In 2013, she was awarded IAESTE Scholarship again, this time to work in Centre for Engineering Research and Testing University of Macau. Where she had opportunity to see the development of the New University of Macau Campus. This £1.3 billion project provided a word-class environmental friendly campus for 10 000 students. In 2013-2014, she was awarded Erasmus Student Exchange Program Scholarship which allowed her to complete her degree in England. She graduated top of her year in 2015 with the Best MSc Poster Prize School of Engineering for research on the viscoelastic structural dampers.
After graduation she worked as Graduate Structural Engineer for SGM Structural Design Limited. Where she focused mostly on structural design of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
In 2017, she moved to London where she joined DesignID.
She is involved in engaging young people into Engineering while being Pre-19 Graduates and Students ICE Officer for the London Region. Her key interests include civil engineering law and management, sustainability, structural dynamics and earthquake engineering.