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Serena Gildea

Senior Structural Engineer


Serena graduated from Queen’s University, Belfast with a Masters degree in Structural Engineering with Architecture in 2010 and won the ‘McMullen Prize for Structural Engineering with Architectural Design’, in her final year, for having the best overall performance in Architectural Design.

Since graduating Serena has spent three years in New Zealand where she completed hundreds of structural assessments of properties damaged by the Canterbury Earthquake Sequence of 2010 that caused the immediate collapse of hundreds of buildings and devastation to the City of Christchurch. During her time there she grew a great appreciation for seismic design and dynamic loading having experienced numerous aftershocks.

She joined Design ID in February 2016 and has since taken the lead on numerous projects in residential and commercial fields for both traditional and modular designs.

Serena is an active member of the Engineers Ireland GB Region and is currently Honorary Secretary on the GB Committee.