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Brendan Roberts

Senior Technician


Brendan is a Senior Structural and Civil Engineering Technician with over 30 years experience in the Structural & Civil Engineering sector. He has applied his skills to a wide range of engineering sectors, and is capable of producing high quality engineering drawings, working well with the design team.

Brendan has provided his services to mainstream consultants as well as specialist Civil Engineering Contractors & Fabricators, capable of providing engineering drawings.
Throughout the years, Brendan has worked in several leading practices, gaining valuable experience in a wide variety of structures ranging from domestic builds to high rise multi-use buildings throughout the UK and beyond. Joining Design ID in January 2014, Brendan brought invaluable experience to the team allowing them to focus on design output, whilst focusing on the required drawing information without reliance on multiple draft iterations between the design / drawing team. He is a pro active member of the team committed to getting it right the first time.Key Interests include Structural Drafting, RC Detailing and Domestic Structural Design.