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Corriewood Private Clinic caters to many infirm patients suffering from dementia. An 'L' shaped extension which formed a courtyard garden provided what was needed with continuous views of the open parkland and the familiar rear façade of the B2 listed Corriewood House. Bedroom doors were given individual colours in order to allow patients to identify their own rooms and in some cases, door ironmongery was changed to originals from patients’ homes.

Three new wings were built: a seven-bed Palliative care suite, a 15-bedroom block next to the original building (to be linked at a later date by curtain walling glazing) and a 36-bedroom block featuring a roof garden. Purpose-built wheelchair accessible planters allow patients to potter on the roof with plants which is both therapeutic and assists with rehabilitation. During phase 5 of the project, a new roof for the listed building was assembled on a scaffold under a temporary structure to minimise disruption to patients and staff who continued to use the existing building throughout the entire build.