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Harriet Warnock

Engineer - DD: 028 9592 4614

MGeol MSc

Harriet completed a Master’s in MGeol Geology at the University of Leicester, specialising in structural geology and rock physics. She also developed a keen interest in hydrogeology, sustainability, and the environment. She then studied for a Master’s in Environmental Engineering at Queen’s University Belfast, graduating in 2020 with Distinction. Harriet was runner-up in the ICE Emerging Engineers Award 2021, where she presented her findings from her Masters project: Three-Dimensional Groundwater Flow Modelling of Cell Bunding for Peatland Restoration at the Ballynahone Bog, Northern Ireland.

Harriet joined Design ID in 2020 as a Civil Engineer, using her background to understand ground conditions at each site. She primarily works on detailed drainage design for projects, as well as producing Flood Risk Assessments and Drainage Strategies for planning approval. She particularly enjoys the continued learning around SuDS and sustainable design.

In her spare time, Harriet likes baking celebration cakes and cupcakes to share around the office.